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tomorrow is my 9th anniversary I love u drew

i am 26 year old mother of a almost seven year old and a five year old. they both have speech delay. which is very frustrating. i suffer from depression i've had it my whole life. i am happily married to my first true love drew. we are currently living in sodus Michigan. wanna no anything else just message me

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I Am Still In Love With My First Love

Going On Eight Years First love first everything, been together for about ten yrs married for almost 8 nov 5 is our anniversary. I was 17 ( I am now 26) when I meet him he is older n his thirties but that doesn't bother... [more]
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  • I Know What It's Like Not to Have Parents

    My Parents Never Really Raised Me This is a long story well guess what i am going to make it short...kinda I was young when my dad lefted my so called mother, they always cheated on each other which i doin't like to think a… [more]
  • I Survived a Car Crash

    Just Happened Today January 10th A Little Before 12pm Plus Yesterday My Husband Lost His Sister. i had to take my husband some place, it was him me and our two toddler boys. on our way home we took nickerson there is a bridge you have to go over, we were going over it, seen this blazer turning fr… [more]
  • I Take Adipex to Lose Weight

    Finally so i am obese n finally my doctor gave me a prescription for adipex. so far i have lost five lbs since Tuesday. which makes me feel good. i have always struggled with losing weight. since i was you… [more]
  • I Had a Complicated Pregnancy and Delivery With My Child

    My Second Pregnancy Ok my first pregnancy was normal i didn't have no morning sickness or nothing in the beginning but then at the end of my pregnancy i developed preeclampsia... got induced cause of that... &… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    big brother
    we are half brother n sister he has been out of jail since i have first meet him like five years ago. he is almost thirty years old i am only twenty four. comes to me for advice i know better to go to him for any advice. he doesn't care of his own kids he doesn't care about anyone but his self n his drugs. i am so tired of it all. when he is out of jail it stresses everyone out. he is always wanted to kill his self n he acts like no one cares since i have known him i have been the one sending him money when i can n writing him when he is locked up n he never shows he cares. i am done then again i always say this but when i see him it changes. cause i want that dam brother sister relationship… [more]
  • today

    Posted on: August 28th, 2008 at 10:44PM

    hello all, so far i have gotten 0 just kinding kinda. hmmm... today has been a crazy day. i went to work at 1pm didnt get done until liek 6something and now i am dead tired and my hip is starting to act up again, if none of you read it but i believe its n one of my bloggies but after i had my youngest son derek who is now 6months almost 7months, i had a hip/bone infections. suffered with that until i had my spinal until march 6th....n NOW its starting to hurt again....:(( my husband drew and i are doing ok, sometimes i get a little nappy at him but i never realize it. i love himn with all my heart i also love my boys. i just wish i could have more energy and lose wei… [more]


  • how old should you be to have kids?

    Posted on: August 10th, 2008 at 12:40AM

    Ok I have been wondering this for a long time now. I am 21 my husband is 33 we are happily married and we have TWO sons. andrew he is two and was born april 8th 06 derek is was born in feb 02 2008. anyways we are young parents and we are GREAT PARENTS. why do alot of people thinks young people cant be great parents? even thou i know i am a dam good mother i still wonder this. i am more mature for my age.....… [more]



    Posted on: September 10th, 2008 at 3:14PM

    OK its been awhile since I've last typed on this... I had Derek James on Feb. 2 2008 at 210am, I was only n labor for 7 or 8 hours. He was 8lbs 15oz. Man was I shocked when they told us how much he weight. After I had him I was losing a lot of blood and I couldn't stop shaking. Every time I coughed I lost blood. It was kind of funny I made that room a mess. I took a nap and once I woke up I started coughing and throwing up. I also had a fever... well fast forward a little. Later that day I couldn't walk at all. I was n a lot a pain also. Then Derek ended up breathing fast I asked the doc that day he was born when I was holding him and she said that's normal, apparently not cause the next tim… [more]


  • today is my 3rd year ann

    Posted on: November 5th, 2008 at 12:27PM

    yeap, today makes three years being married. cant believe it. where does the time go. we got married the same year i graduated from high school and i found out i was pregnant. i love drew with all my heart, i hope we a lot more years today. LOVE YOU DRUBIE… [more]