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I Want People to Share Their Poetry

Spoken Word I feel people get my message better if they here me speak my poetry. Take a look at my spoken word video. Feel free to leave comments telling me what you think.... [more]
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    My "single-ness"
    So people ask me all the time why am I single and tell me I shouldn't be. I hear all kind of reasons why, such as "you're too pretty", "you're such a good person", blah, blah, blah, ect. ect.Well I'm single because I love a close friend dearly..... however, I do know that things are not so likely to turn out in my favor as far as a relationship. Most people's advice is to date someone to keep my mind of this person. But if I do that I feel as though I would only be using the person I date. Why would I take the chance of putting someone in the very same situation I'm already in? I'm single because I can't have what I want and right now that's what my heart is set on. So therefore nothing else… [more]