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  • He is 19..I'm 27 and loving every inch of it..i mean minute

    Posted on: January 17th, 2013 at 2:05PM

    I am sorry it took me so long to blog.but with the holidays and my new boyfriend (his name is Ty..short for Tylor) ive been busy..about 3 weeks ago, Ty had asked me if maybe he could invite some friends over for a party..Ty is Sara;s little brother..Sara is my brothers (Joey)girlfriend who also lives in our home..which is how i met Ty..i met Ty 2 years ago just after his 17th birthday( he turned 19 in Nov) how i met him? well..sara had picked him up from school and was taking him to the house for dinner..not telling joey and when she comes home she unlocks the door and goes back to her car to get some papers she forgot to Ty walks in and as he does he see's me sucking on my bro… [more]


  • will i always be this way..i am for now..and im single again..part 2

    Posted on: March 6th, 2012 at 1:26PM

    joey pulls out and walks to the head of the bed as the black guy gets in between my legs and starts slapping his **** on my **** as he says ..look at all that *** coming out of the ****.then pushes his ****  in some..takes it out..slaps my **** harder.then shoved it in me as i squeel then pulls it out slaps my **** then shoves it in me agian and just starts ******* me as i let out a scream and the louder i scream the harder he is ******* me..the other black guys says he wants to tap some of that *****.now joey is straddling my face moving his ball all over my face .i feel the **** come out of me and the guy says.i know what to do.and the guy lifts me up and gets under me and says.ill **** he… [more]


  • supermarket..really..must be my lucky day

    Posted on: November 8th, 2012 at 2:04PM

    i went food shopping yesterday afternoon after work just in case the weather was worse then what they were i shopping a very nice older man came up tp me as asked if my name was jennifer, i told him no, my name is Jeri/ he said i looked alot like his wife's daughter that ran away some 10 years ago and if anyone would look like her now i had a very similar look about me..he said his name was harry and he started telling me about his life as we shopped..he told me his wife died 5 years ago not knowing if her daughter was ok..she was married before and that they didnt have any kids of their own..and on and on..he was so cute though and i felt we get to the frozen food sectio… [more]


  • Lust or Love...its already started..cant it be both for now???

    Posted on: May 21st, 2012 at 2:01PM

    i want to say thank you to everyone for your interest in my new BO..yes.. he is my new BO..omg..that sounds so good...its nice to know that although i havnt met any of you from here or yahoo, that you take interest in me and my life...its nice to have friends like is...means alot to ....friday.. jerry calls me up from work and wanted to know since its a nice day out if i would want to go to dinner and then maybe to the mini golf .i said sure....he asked me what my fav rest was...i just pick..he asked if i liked steak..i said about the longhorn rest...umm..this is like my fav already a good start) will pick you up at 7??..i said sur… [more]