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I T Is The Little Things That Make Me Love You

Little Things Little things...little gestures... Quite and serene... Piercing yet gentle... Boundless yet limited... Your gaze as I talk... Your patience when I'm impatient... [more]
  • I Spent My Christmas Alone For The First Time And It Was Reall

    First Christmas Alone I experienced my very first Christmas alone. I am away from my family because of work..At first I thought that it was okay but when Christmas came...loneliness crept up slowly...stinging my veins with… [more]
  • I Love Music

    Trance A friend sent me a bunchful of songs the other night. She knows that I love music but I was not so much into the music she's into. I downloaded what she sent me in my phone and played it ( It was Elec… [more]
  • I Spent My Christmas Alone For The First Time And It Was Reall

    I Am... I was trying to find out something within me. All this time I was running away looking for that something. Not love nor affection nor friendship. Not material nor riches. Just how to put myself i… [more]
  • I 'm Stuck

    Stuck Aching, breaking, crushing me into pieces. Things that I'd rather choose to be gone within me to give room for myself more. I, who owns me, is now the one who is homeless in my own world. I know … [more]