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I T Is The Little Things That Make Me Love You

Little Things Little things...little gestures... Quite and serene... Piercing yet gentle... Boundless yet limited... Your gaze as I talk... Your patience when I'm impatient... [more]
  • I Love Music

    Into A New World! For the past three nights, the moon was shining brightly in the sky and the stars were so amazing...what I did was I went into the rooftop and laid there on my back with my iphone and just gazed at th… [more]
  • I Spent My Christmas Alone For The First Time And It Was Reall

    First Christmas Alone I experienced my very first Christmas alone. I am away from my family because of work..At first I thought that it was okay but when Christmas came...loneliness crept up slowly...stinging my veins with… [more]
  • I Love Music

    Trance A friend sent me a bunchful of songs the other night. She knows that I love music but I was not so much into the music she's into. I downloaded what she sent me in my phone and played it ( It was Elec… [more]
  • I Spent My Christmas Alone For The First Time And It Was Reall

    I Am... I was trying to find out something within me. All this time I was running away looking for that something. Not love nor affection nor friendship. Not material nor riches. Just how to put myself i… [more]