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No idea what to say really. Main thing you need to know is that my heart is bigger than my head. I'm not a really good talker, but I'll always try to help someone in need. Always. Other than that, I always listen to music. Generally rock and metal. Rythm and anger to clear my mind and survive another day. My one wish, is for 1 person to come and take care of my heart. That is all.

Feel free to talk to me about anything!

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Favorite Quote When two rivers run together, they can never be distinct again.
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Music Sevendust, Spineshank, Silent Civilian, Five Finger Death Punch
Movies Howl's Moving Castle.
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I Have a Confession

Love is like a bird. I'm the left wing and you're the right wing. A bird needs both wings to be able to stay in the air. So too, does love need both people to work together.  You've betrayed me... [more]
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