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I Love My Older Sibling

Family I admit it! I literally love my family! From my mother to my youngest/older than me brother. I especially care for my two brothers. They're just too awesome for words! They taught me most of the... [more]
  • I Want to Make a Difference In the World

    My Goal Someday, in order to prove my worth in this world, I want to create a bond that unifies everyone as one soul that strives for an ultimate goal. So that everyone can have the same amount of possibiliti… [more]
  • I Observe People And Their Behavior

    I'm An Observer Most of my friends including Strikerfreeze say I'm anti-social, when in fact I'm just really taking my time to observe the things and people around me. I say, for me atleast, this is a very good trait… [more]
  • I Never Go Back On My Word

    My Word Is Mine And Nobody Else's! One time one of my group members asked me to stay after to help him on this project. After school he thought I wasn't coming but I got there 20 minutes later. I said specifically "I … [more]
  • I Love Machines

    Me Too I love machines! I don't know what it is about 'em but I like tinkering with them as much as I can. Maybe it's the sound the metal makes as I'm tightening a bolt. Maybe it's the countless number of in… [more]