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I am here for anyone who wants to talk, and if you actually want me to add you, you should probably send a message. The rest you'll have to ask.

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Favorite Quote No one is worthless who lightens the burden of another I live by it and i hope only to be a positive influence in the end.
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I Loved My Dog

Louie Ive had my dog for 14 years. Hes been with me through it all, the pain of my young life, the sleeping the days away, the everything, And my one though was that i wondered if he would be the only one... [more]
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    Thoughts I wake before the morning light, To feel the cold's unforgiving bite, I think to myself how dreary it be "Im too numb to feel the cold's tendrils creeping into me" I lie there … [more]
  • I Will Never Forget Melsaysrawr

    Too Late. I saw a girl in pain and someone reluctant to talk to me. After my badgering and pleads to help she responded. After she was done writing out everything about how she was feeling in a way… [more]
  • I Am Fucked Up

    ... My name is Peter, I could be neater. I prefer to cover my eyes, To leave the darkness a surprise. My vices I must battle each day, But sooner or later I will pay. F… [more]
  • I Hate Taintedsoul

    Meh Im sorry but its just another solemn string of words from the wretched unequivocal golem That me, just some faceless choked up being I know and can tell that youre tired of seeing… [more]