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I Write Poetry

Me i´m not a poet,i´m simply inocent [more]
  • I Love Songs With Beautiful Lyrics

    Into My Arms i don´t believe in an interventionist god,but i know darling that you do,but if i did i would kneel down and ask him,not to intervine when it came to you,not to touch a hair in your head,leave you as… [more]
  • I Wtk What The Next 10 Songs That Pop Up On Your Ipod Are

    10 che sudaka-soberbia,lhasa/stuart a. staples-that leaving feeling,nick cave-ship song,tom waits-mule variation,death in vegas-dirt,anita lane-the world´s a girl,emir kusturika-bubamara,coil-first5 min… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i met
    i met a woman some time ago,she had had a miserable life.she desperatly needed someone to talk to and i ended up beeing the ears she was looking for.she told me all her life,and it wasn´t a nice story!i´m not gonna talk about it,for it was  her life not mine.the reason i mentioned this is only because of something she said that connects to how i feel right now.she told me-"a few dys ago i was feeling down,really sad,and all i wanted was to laugh but i had no reason i decided to drink!and i drank,i drank all i could waiting to feel good,but  instead of laughing i ended up crying!i cried all night.i had never cried like that.and it felt good,it felt great.i realised after,that was what i… [more]