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I Hate Child Abuse

The Stab To The Back My life has taken me through many different courses and adventures. Many of which are non to flaunt about, they are rather morbid really. I recall my first thought on Child abuse, my stomach tore... [more]
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  • I Always End Up With My Pets Sitting On Me

    I Make A Good Pillow? So aparently i make a great pillow/couch, or my pets just love me. I was typing to my sister and realized one of my cats sitting in the window above me, my other cat laying on my arm making it vert… [more]
  • I Am Locked Inside My Thoughts

    Midnight Madness nights and nights of endless misary of the trapped mind..i find myself every night, laying in the exact spot as the last, fueling my mind to depression by my never ending thoughts. Over thinking? d… [more]
  • I Don't Do Mornings Very Well

    Morning Blues Ahhh the morning...this is a time i don't like being up for. Honestly,mornings are like the personal hell for the beginning of the day. COCKA DUDLE DO its morning and there for you should get your laz… [more]
  • I Love The Rain On My Face

    Paradox The rain is such a precious thing to the world, With out it there would be no life or growth to the world we live on. Something so beautiful can be so terrifying at the same time. For me, i love the r… [more]
  • Infested Prison

    Posted on: December 21st, 2009 at 11:52AM

    Morbid cowl the brain into ties of depressionunlock the sorrow to numb notesfooted notes of post it thoughtsmixed emotions for one simple thoughtor so one can only conclude.amaphest shades of tears lingering behind lidsclosed, locked, betrayed by life presenteddispleased, content, unsatisfiedis there another word to throw around off this liqured tongue?tongues of lost pleasure, lost memoriesdose of complection to this depressing conceptionmorbid melodies of ice in winters timelocked away, in this icy mindso much to say, yet so many boundaries remaincould one find that spot of sun in a storm of raincan one look up and find stars at night with no hope of clouds clearinggrass so plushair, crisp… [more]


  • Memorie Infested Prison

    Posted on: May 19th, 2010 at 10:21PM

    This is just a poem i wrote while i was in one of my moods. Enjoy, Comment? let me know what you think <3 PS: Sorry i kinda suck at spelling and didnt spell check just typed it out from one of my notebooks :P Morbid cowl the brain into ties of depression unlock the sorrow to numb notes footed notes of post it thoughts mixed emotions for one simple thought or so one can only conclude. amaphest shades of tears lingering behind lids closed, locked, betrayed by life presented displeased, content, unsatisfied is there another word to throw around off this liqured tongue? tongues of lost pleasure, lost memories dose of complection to this depressing conception morbid melodies of ice in winters… [more]