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I Love Jokes And Riddles

I Am A Little Confused... I took an English listening text this morning. The question was about location so I paid all my attention on numbers and words such as road, street and block. But they didn't show up in the audio... [more]
  • I Love Jokes And Riddles

    Slow Response A monkey, a goat, a pig and an elephant were in a boat floating in the ocean. Suddenly, the boat hit rocks and was about to sink. The monkey came up with an idea that everyone tells a jok… [more]
  • I Still Remember My First Love

    It Is 4 Years From Now Since I Met My Ex-girlfriend I met her when l was 15 and I was attracted by her beauty. we had a long time to study and play together because we are in the same class I noticed that not only she had a gorgeous face but also was k… [more]
  • I Want to Make Friends

    I Like To Make Friends Wherever I Go My childhood life was quite different than it is today. I was too shy to talk to strangers so that I didn't get any friend. My mom told me that just say HELLO first to peers then have a … [more]
  • I Love Jokes And Riddles

    Working Time Or Smoking Time A manager find one of the stuff is smoking in the office then she comes and warns the stuff, DO NOT SMOKING WHILE YOU ARE WORKING! The stuff answers, AS YOU SEE, I STOP MY WORK TO SMOKE.… [more]
  • I am new here

    Posted on: June 8th, 2011 at 8:36AM

    I'm new here without any stories. I am an English-learner and I always make gramma mistakes or spelling mistakes in the way I communicate,  you may not catch what I mean sometimes. So please regard me as an alien. XD    I will try my best to express what I thought accurately and simultaneously make you feel enjoyable when read my blog or even talk to me.I come from the east, Asia, thus you and I may have controversy over something due to culture difference. however, what I'm most interest in is how to resolve the problem. I think it is my duty to learn it well since I choose English as my study project. For instance, when I heard "Watch out!" by the first time, I really put my sight to outsi… [more]


  • Education affairs

    Posted on: September 15th, 2011 at 6:46AM

    With rapid economic growth, common people tend to commence ongoing debate on whether or not the governments should pay tuition fees for students. In this case, I am in line with the standpoint that it is not necessary for governments to do so.   First of all, it will become financial burdens on the governments to develop other facilities. For example, there are so many things which are waiting for the authorities to resolve such as reducing crime rates, increasing income for people, developing alternative energy and improving quality of education. Every part needs money to ensure it will work properly. If the governments intensively put spending on a certain section, the quality of the re… [more]