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The War's Word Or The War Sword AKA The Prince of War.

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I Write Poetry

Walking Into The Wild. A man slides the lock off his door.Donning his coat he walks through the rain.Everyone smiles a empty smile, for they have no soul.They have become nothing more then prostitutes of... [more]
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    Did Anyone Notice The Warp Around Astral Earth? So for astral earth. the reflection of earth in the astral realms was significantly changed today. Anybody else notice it?… [more]
  • I Am Enlightened

    In The Moment Of Being Arisen. My eyes shot open for the first time. At first it was blackness and lostlessness that I saw with the mind of my eye. But as i shot out to reach for the place i saw my hand seemed to become part of the… [more]
  • I Astral Travel

    Heads Up, Incoming. The dark kind and other evil beings are coming from the dream realms and the astral in larger numbers then ever before they are surging¬†and moving on certain beings of "high value" i am trying hard t… [more]
  • I Astral Travel

    I Am Having Trouble Createing A Proper Astral Connection It seems that as i get further and further into the astral world the more and more things get difficult for me. each time i go it gets a little harder to figure out whats happening. THe onnection seem… [more]