Female , 16-17

I have dark brown hair.. i am country girl at heart! there is nothing that i would rather be i love it an its me idc what people think of me they dont like me then thats them! i live with my sister mother and step-father i am a only child to my real dad he is in prison and i miss him so much he is eveything to me!! my best friend and me ar always together she has been there for me for so long i am i will tell you at first we hated each other but now we are unsepperable!! i go to church i am not perfect but who is thats me wanna know more ask me!! txt it=]

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Favorite Quote only put off untill tomorrow what you are willing to die left undone!!=] by pablo picasso
Horoscope Libra
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Books dont really read but the bible would be my fav
Music ilike any kind of music really as long as its good
Movies the green mile...taken...death race...orphan....what a girl wants
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I Have a Confession

i miss my first love so much i talked to him bout 4 days ago he misses me to and i love him and he loves me but we have to wait til i am 18 to even see each other!!! it sucks so bad i... [more]
  • I Enjoy Helping Others

    Helping It Makes Me Feel Really Good!! whenever i help someone i know or dont know it makes me feel good inside and lets me kno that i am a better person for helping then watch then strugle and it makes me feel so happy and good and i k… [more]
  • I Have a Father In Prison

    I Have Alot to Say Well for one my father  has been in prison for a&… [more]
  • I Like Piercings

    I Have My Ear.... i have my ear pierced i want my belly button done... so bad but i cant till i am 18 cause my mom wont let me i want to do it myself but idk how… [more]
  • I Hate Going Home After School

    Home Is Just Not For Me i hate going home after school all i do is fight with my mom we dont get along and i try but she pushes me to where i just get mad but i hope it gets better!! i always come up with things to do so … [more]