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I Like To Help In Everyway

Catastrope&Disaster In this time of needs i urge all my EP Friends to help those who are devastated by this catastropic Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan that destroy homes,makes families orphan and creates so much trauma for those... [more]
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  • I Believe Love Is the Meaning of Life

    Love Conquers All Loving is not a sin to be ashame of because we feel in love with anyone in a wrong time and in a wrong place not because of color or anything as long you find her interesting and admire then later on … [more]
  • I Am a Gemini

    Im Gemini Man Well as i was with this group for sure all the traits that common with this zodiac signs is with me too and i enjoy alot of things because im one of them,well im sure those who are very much intereste… [more]
  • I Date Outside of My Race

    Loving Different Race You know falling in love is really a magic itself why because you dont know when this struck you and who you will be attracted because our heart never stop admiring others heart when it beats for the … [more]
  • I Respect Honesty and Integrity

    Respect,Honesty,Integrity Imagine if one of those words are not there do you think it would be acceptable?Some will say yes,and others are not?I think it would be best if all of it is there because if maybe for your view it do… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Sickness and Unexpected Event
    I never talk much about mywife though she was always there to support me in everyway,knowing she is alright and being a responsible husband because i always see to it that the money for welfare and other expenses is always at hand,though if you read other confession i jot down here,surely you will also be angry for my extra affair which i wouldnt justify why?but i wanted to share this because the recent event to our life that bind us together and being away from home and when one is ill automatically everybody is affected and i myself was so worried and got sleepless nights thinking what will happen?Just 3 days and a week from now that she complaint of severe stomach pain and because im a nu… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    What will you do when your heart never stop falling in love?Its a VALENTINES DAY and its where the best time you can always remember your belove and the one that makes your heart thumps like a basketball dribling back and fort?I dont understand why after all this years still my heart beats with someone i never see and touch personally but i still care and love her,it makes me abig cheater ,yes but what i am going to do?Men always falls with Women even from ANCIENT TIMES and now were in the 20th Century still all Men fails to the scent of a Woman and cannot resist the magnet that goes with it.Lust,pleasure,erotic,fondness,happiness,satisfaction,love,aroma and all the things that Man always be… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Boracay Caticlan Resort
    Wow never in my life see such beauty that will make you so enchanted and love the place its so romantic and peaceful and with the sands so white nothing that will injured you because its so finest sands you will see and exist only in that place,well now i know of course alot of things in other parts of the WORLD exist but who would believe that somewhere in the PHILIPPINES it exist and that all kinds os things you will find in the city is there too.You dont need to see or travel in EAST COAST or WEST COAST,BRAZIL and all tha places you can imagine to enjoy and see the beauty but it lies there and just enjoy it,its so FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES yup it does why dont you try and see it yourself and… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Cartoons Movies
    hey you know what i have small son 5 years old and we watch the same mvies and mind you at that tender age he knows that the movies we are watching is funny and he keep laughing and i was wondering i myself is enjoying it too.Really its amazing to see young and old do the same thing even at the Cinema alot of people watch cartoons movies and they enjoy it all.i dont feel bad feeling that i do enjoy myself watching it,knowing sometimes we need to laugh and release our stress ans make ourselves kids again?hhhmmm i was just thinking why people is attracted to this when we all know what is really the outside world the reality its because maybe we wanted to feel that we are all humans and that no… [more]