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I Discipline My Children

Who's In Charge Here I spank my kids with all kids of things like belts, paddles,brushes, my hand, slippers, cutting boards. It all depends. SometimesI grab the nearest thing and slap them with it to make sure they know... [more]
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  • I Got A Bare Bottom Belt Spanking From Mom

    2 Sorry Girls Madelyn was my best friend. She and I misbehaved all the time. My mom would usually not spank me with a belt but sometimes she did. One time Madelyn and I misbehaved so badly that my mom spanked her( … [more]
  • I Discipline My Children

    Alison's Worst Spanking Yet yes of course we have slapped Alison on the hand or butt or whatever but i remember when we spanked her real bad. the time at age 10 here it is... "Alison, Katherine's mom wants 2 know if Kat… [more]
  • I Saw Someone Get Spanked

    Daddy's Little Girl Gets The Belt My friend, Kate and I were sleeping over at our other friend, Emily's house. Emily's older sister, Tori was in 4th gr. (we were in 1st at that time) Tori was Em's dad's favorite. Her brother Thomas sm… [more]
  • I Received Corporal Punishment At School

    My Blond Aunt My blond aunt was my 5th grade teacher. Pretty and Cute. Everyone was like " Taylor, your aunt won't give us a dermit." And I agreed. My boyfriend, Jackson, in 5th grade and I, Taylor put superglue in… [more]