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I haven't signed onto EP in almost a year... How is everyone!?

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I Can't Stop Thinking About Him

Always And Forever On My Mind I've not known you for very long, but yet I feel as if I've known you forever. It's like you are apart of my very soul. My very existence. I have never thought or felt this way about anyone before. We... [more]
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  • I Love These Lyrics

    Undone By Haley Reinhart I'm sorry, I'm really a mess right nowI'm trying my best to get it together somehowI can't see this way, light up in this pain that you left meI'm unraveling, looking for things that… [more]
  • I Am Taking Antidepressants

    I Don't Want To Feel Alone Anymore My life story is so long. Everything started when I was 11, and I'm 18 now. I just want someone to talk to. Im so alone. I have PTSD. anybody out there have PTSD?… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    :( I just want someone to hold me, and tell me everything will be okay. Someone to cuddle with and talk to for endless hours of the day or night. I don't care what we talk about, it could be anything. Li… [more]
  • I Have Ptsd

    Ptsd I'm so alone. so dissconnected. so angry. so depressed. god everything. i hate PTSD i hate it. I just want to talk to somebody… [more]
  • Father daughter bonding time- I changed a Flat

    Posted on: September 5th, 2012 at 5:06PM

    So about an hour ago, my mom came home from work...and started yelling. I was up in my room studying for my AP Biology quiz tomorrow, and thought what the **** can it be this time. So I went downstairs and she told me and my dad that the Tire we JUST had changed at *********, has a flat........ A FLAT! IN ONE DAY AFTER IT'S FIXED...IT HAS A FLAT! hahahahahahha at the time it wasn't funny, but I sometime laugh at the WORST places and times. So anyways, being THE BEST daughter in the world, changed the tire for my dad. He had knee surgery 2 weeks ago, and he "SAID" he could handle, it but again, me BEING THE BEST daughter, didn't want him to re injure it again, because then it would all go dow… [more]


  • Get out of here with that pervy ****...seriously.

    Posted on: September 8th, 2012 at 12:39AM

    Literally has become the most irritating thing since joining EP. PERVY old men. It's disgusting and gross, and okay cool maybe YOU like it, and the pervy old men like it I DON'T LIKE IT, SO STOP. So ******* irritating. DO NOT SEX CHAT ME, ASK FOR NUDES, COMMENT ON MY PICTURES IF YOU'RE GOING TO SAY PERV LIKE THINGS.... YOU KNOW, JUST DON'T ADD ME PERIOD. I'M FOREWARNING  YOU THAT I WILL BLOCK YOUR PERVY ***.stupid pervy old men...go find it somewhere else... I'm a germ-a-phob, and like hygiene is number 1 on my list, and i feel like i need a shower now because I'm all grossed **** no.I'M STILL SO ******* GROSSED OUT.… [more]


  • Where does the good go?

    Posted on: September 9th, 2012 at 3:29PM

    I came onto this site, because I had a story to tell, many stories to tell in fact. I wanted to share the stories of a girl, trapped in a dark hole, trying to find her way out. Hoping that people read these stories and find inspiration, that these stories could help someone in need. That they could somehow find courage, or strength in what I write about my life. At first it started off great. But then, on no time at all, the truth finally comes out. That this world is a ****** up and sick place. That all people really care about are sex, drugs, money, and power. Maybe I was being naive to think that our world isn't just all of things, that we're made of more. Or maybe I was being naive to th… [more]


  • I don't even know!

    Posted on: September 9th, 2012 at 11:35PM

    hahahahahahahahahahaha I am literally laying in my bed watching friends, and hysterically laughing! Yes the show is hilarious, but I don't know why I can't sop laughing / giggling! It's like when you have the hiccups, but giggles! hahahhahahahahhaha I can't help it!… [more]