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I Am Bipolar

I Have Bipolar Depresion. I always feel that everybody is plotting againts me and that they simply dont care at at i always get iritated quickly and angry i cry myself asleep at night and have lots of moodswings then im angry... [more]
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  • I Received Corporal Punishment At School

    I Got Spanked In Reform School So i was 14jears old my friend jackey use to smoke in school and that day at brake time she ask me to hold cavy wile she smoked unfortunatly the prefect saw us and to make things worse i was the headp… [more]
  • I Got My Bare Bottom Smacked

    Got My Barebottom Spanked By My Aunt I was 15jears old and visited there for a weekend me and my nephew neve got along always use to fight that day i was buzy listening to my music he came into my room and put of the hi-fi i shouted at h… [more]
  • I Admire Discipline

    I Admire Men Who Gets Spanked And Get Disciplined By Women I have so mutch respect for men who will take a spanking from woman if they did or say something wrong i say a man who refuses to take a spanking from a woman and beliefe that women should be the ones… [more]
  • I Witnessed Others Getting Spankings When I Was Growing Up

    Witness My Brother Getting Spanked He was and still is very naughty he like to do practical jokes on people then my family get so angry one day my brother bacora put itchy powder in my moms panty she scratched the whole day and it burn… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I dont want any nude photos from anybody male,female NO THANK YOU! I have no interest! In that whatsoever! If you dont like what im saying THATS YOUR DAMM PROBLEM! NOT MINE! And if you cant exept that I WILL FLAG YOU.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Modistnudist is a bigmouth cyber bully and a complete jackass loser!!!!
    Modistnudist is a cyber bully who thinks that he will brake me down he must act his age he is like a 15jear old school boy that doesnt get attention from anybody doesnt he got something better to do to bother me 24/7 hours of his live and he is age between 51 55 male wow what a LOOOSERRR!!!!!! I think when God trough intellegents dowm to earth he was holding an umbrella.… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I use to have a photogenic brain! But lost that becouse of a car acsedant i now have long and short term memory loss alsow becouse of my bipolar depresion i hate it to have this it make me feel dump for example you can ask me what is (5times5) "times table" i will say 25 and if you ask me the next day i dont know cant give you a answer i detest! having this! HATE! THIS!… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I like to draw
    So since i was a child of 4jears old my family,friend told me that i could draw very beutifull at that age i use to draw houses,animals,people.and when i were in school 7jears back my art teatcher told me i must make my drawing a job i got certificates for drawing and prizes at im out of school i stil draw but that were it will stay i can draw peoples faces and other stuff like nature animals,weird stuff i realy enjoy drawing.… [more]