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Hi. I\'m open to chat with everyone and look forward to meeting you all on here. My name is Theo but when I was little they called me Teddy. My fiancee calls me Teddy Bare cause I don\'t wear a shirt very much! I love my fiancee Anna more than anything in the world except for my God. And I thank God every night for Anna. If you want, get with me on YM:

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I Like To Stay Nude Around The House No Matter Who Is Around

Oops! -- Gave Two Dudes A Show I'd been out of town for a few days and my next door neighbor, Tommy, had collected my mail. He called early yesterday (Saturday) morning and said he'd drop it off on his way out to run errands... [more]
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  • I Want To Wear A Wrestling Singlet Without Underwear

    Never Did It Looking back on my high school and college years, it would have been cool to freeball in my singlet but I never did it. Some of the guys went commando in practice, but coach always made us jock up fo… [more]
  • I Love Freeballing In Sweatpants

    Freeballin Popout I freeball all the time and love to go commando in sweats and even short sweats -- workout shorts. This one dude on here was askin me about it and I had to say that I have had accidents. Ordinarily … [more]
  • I Secretly Jerk Off In Public Places

    On The Plane Every dude I talk to has jacked in the restroom on a plane. It's cool. I did it again for the dozenth time last week -- twice. But I'd never been bold enough to do it out in the cabin of the plane.… [more]
  • I Miss Wrestling

    High School Wrestling I've looked all thgough the groups on this site and can't find any about high school or college wrestling. They're all about WWE or other topics not related to school. But high school and college wr… [more]