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Hi. I am me. I am who I am. Are you who you are? Or are someone else? If so, how did you do that?! Cool!

OK, so I'm not, um, ordinary. I'm a different kind of guy with different kind of views. I think different is good. Makes life interesting, doesn't it? Who wants the same old same all the time?

Not me. No, I like change. I like different things all the time. ...OK, I know, so maybe a lot of folks are not so into change. But I am. So does that make me someone who can't be friends? I hope not!

I am a daddy. I have two great kids, just turned teens. I think they're the best kids ever! I'm a husband, too! Thirty-five years and counting. Well, almost. My wife is my forever love. I love my family!

I am a writer. I have always defined myself by my writing. In the past couple of years I haven't written much, though. Not much to define. I'm disabled and unable to get good medical care, so that is how things are. But lately I've been more, well, motivated, for some reason. I've been working on updating and publishing my old works and I might, just might, write some new stuff. I wrote a novel about alien abduction and another about Texas Session. I wrote a tragic love story, too! I've sold lots of pieces about Texas travel and I was a reporter once, covering workers compensation in Texas. And, well, I've written so much stuff over the years I just don't remember it all.

What do I like? Well, you ask! Ha! I like kind smiles, friendly people, soft hands, warm hearts, big hugs. I love the moon, watching the stars at night, travel, seeing new places, talking a lot. I love northern New Mexico! I like falling snow and warm fire places. I like different kinds of music, from Swing to Smooth Jazz to Classic Rock, even a bit of Classic Country is good. I like Science Fiction, movies or books. Adventure or Action movies are OK too! I like science stuff, and space. I'm interested in “weird” stuff, or so says my wife, things like the paranormal, UFOs, aliens, abductions, stuff like that. I'm not into “conspiracy theories.” I know, however, that “there's more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophies.” (Shakespeare!)

All my yesterdays rolled into a bedroll would make a lumpy knapsack. I've done a lot of things, that's for sure. Cashier, cook, air conditioning mechanic, maintenance guy, radio announcer and program director, car rental agent, truck driver, welfare caseworker, home parent and foster parent. Some other things I forgot. Oh, and if you want verification, I can provide it!

I have a BA in History from Corpus Christi State University, a great college that does not exist anymore. It's Texas A&M Corpus now. Bummer. I attended other colleges, like Stephen F. Austin State, Angelina College, Del Mar College. I made it through A/C and Heating Tech School in the Air Force and Truck Driving School. Besides history I studied a bit of pre-law, some counseling, a lot of Political Science, and a few other things.

I was religious for a long time and wasted... um... you know, did church things. I was a crusader, see. Not any longer. I figured out the hard way people rather like the ruts they're stuck in. Most people do. I'm a freethinking erstwhile Buddhist non-religious and non-radical atheist. I'm a Bohemian, which means my views of morality isn't those of your average right-wing nutcase. But I have morals. And scruples, too!

It's hard for me to write a bio in such a short space but this covers most of it. If you've read this far and haven't formed an unkind opinion of me I think we should be friends! Don't you?

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