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I'm overemotional, sometimes irrational, and completely sensational.

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  • Venting Confessions

    no one stays.
    every single time i come across someone, whether they may be a friend or more, they always end up leaving. no one ever stays. especially when it comes to people i like or people that supposedly like me. they all leave. i don't get it. am i that bad? does no one care enough to actually want to be a part of my life or future? i can't help but blame myself cause the common factor in every situation is me. i see my friends getting flowers and love letters, and guys actually taking the time to meet their family or take them out. the nicest thing i guy has done for me is buy me a ticket to the movies. that was the ONLY date i've ever been on. the only thing guys wanna do is try to get into my pant… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i'm not mentally stable.
    i'm not necessary stable mentally at the moment. i took a bunch of pills in hopes to take a bunch more in order to commit suicide about 2 months ago. i always considered it and thought it out, but i never went as far as attempting it before. that was one of the scariest, loneliest days of my life. with all the family drama going on, and the heartless people at school that wouldn't leave me alone, i couldn't handle it anymore. i've spoken of this day to several people before, including here on EP, but i feel the need to repeat it cause the flashbacks are becoming rather vivid and triggering. the person that understood me most, better than anyone else ever could, is gone. i lie to myself day b… [more]