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I Think Im Falling For Someone

Her name is Katie. I've known her now for 3 years. We didn't go to school together but have been there for each other. Our families are friends. I haven't been able to see her much since college. She... [more]
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  • I Have Huge Man Boobs Because I Like Being Fat

    Big Moobs Ive always been a big guy, now that ive gained alot of weight it goes into my moobs. I inhierited it from my mother side. I found out I could be a 40DD if I wore a bra. Bigger than anyone in my school… [more]
  • I Can't Lay Flat On My Stomach

    Ice Cream Belly My belly is getting bigger im doing pretty good with the non flat belly        … [more]
  • I Want To Be The Fattest Of My Friends

    Being The Fattest I am the fattest of my friends but if you count elders and such I still have to put on about 200 pounds to get to 515 or so hope to get my lard *** there soon… [more]
  • I Eat a Lot

    Binge Everyday Hello, I eat a LOT. And I mean it currently I am approximently 320 pounds at 16 years of age. When I eat its like a sporting event to me currently I eat about 12000 calories a day with no trouble at a… [more]