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We get to find out the gender of baby number three tomorrow!!

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I Have An Amazing Boyfriend

I really thought he would leave me and his daughters behind but he stepped up to his responsibilities. He's a really sweet guy and he's really good with kids, he's already good with the twins <3 [more]
  • I Accidentally Got Pregnant

    I ended up getting pregnant in July by my boyfriend Joshua. I found out 3 weeks after school started and I cried the whole time. I only told one friend and he promised me he wouldn't tell anyone else.… [more]
  • I Hate Fake People

    Every kid in my grade is honestly fake. They're always calling me names, telling me to close my legs and to get an abortion. Yet another girl in the 8th grade is pregnant and everyone is saying congra… [more]
  • I Have Been Bullied

    I got physically bullied yesterday at school. I was walking to last period and then these three girls started walking behind me. Right before I could reach class one of the girls go in front of me and… [more]
  • I Wanna Run Away From Home

    I know running away isn't the answer but I felt that it's been the answer for me ever since I got pregnant. I know my boyfriend is moving in with me soon but my sister is really making me regret Me an… [more]