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I Like Beagles

I Have Three I have three beagles. My wife and I were living in an apartment that did not allow dogs. We found an abaonded dog and took it home with us. Our originial intention was to keep him. Toward that end, we... [more]
  • I Struggle With My Body Image

    Abnormal And Deformed I feel it would be safe to say that I truy do hate the way I look. I have a conginital birth defect known as Prune Belly Syndrome. Simply put, I have no stomach muscles. Oh, there are other related he… [more]
  • I Have Prune Belly Syndrome

    I Have Prune Belly I am 34 years old and I have Prune Belly Syndrome. I have a complete lack of abdominal musculature. I also have weak kidneys and have recently begun having to self-cath. Obviously, this is something I… [more]
  • I Love History

    History Major By Choice I have always had a love affair with history. Human history and the human experience have always fascinated me. While in college, I made the conscious decision to major in history despite being aware … [more]
  • I Battle Loneliness

    I Know I'm Not The Only One, But... So I recognize that this entire Group is focused on the same topic. I know that each one of you out there has your own story and your own reason for feeling isolated and alone. I do not at all intend … [more]