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I Live A Life Of Serious Irony

The more I try to do the right thing the quicker things fall apart [more]
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  • I Went to Boarding School

    It was the first time I was going to live away from my parents. I was so scared but later realized it was a vacation from my depressing reality under my parents roof. I was transferring … [more]
  • I Don't Believe In God

    I believe something created us, but whatever it was its not here now watching over us with love and it never has been. There is no life after death, there is no second try or third go around or whatev… [more]
  • I Had a Job Interview That Went Badly

    Well, more stressful and absurd than badly. It wasn't an epic fail, on my part anyway, but I think its worth mentioning. So I really need another job and they were hiring.... what more could you ask f… [more]
  • I Have Back Stabbing Friends

    I just found this out. This girl I've known for over two years all of a sudden has unleashed the inner **** towards me and the shocking thing is we weren't even having a disagreement. She wasn't my be… [more]