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I'm pretty high energy and am always doing something, going somewhere, taking on some project. My active lifestyle helps me to keep from being totally miserable in my suck *** home life. My husband is a nice man, works hard, says that he loves me. He is supportive of my independence and never tries to rein me in. Which should be wonderful-- but it is actually pretty lonely. I'm tired of being alone and I am DAMN tired of not having sex. Just haven't figured out how to "fix" the problem yet. Guess that is why I am here....

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Vices Self Destructive Tendencies, Inordinate Amount of Affection Toward Weenies, Coveting Other Peoples' Llamas, Fat Feet, Inability to Accept
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Books In Cold Blood, A Prayer for Own Meany
Music Sad songs-- the sadder the better. I also like James Blunt, U2, The Cure
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I Have a Confession

I have an urge to create a fake identity here on EP. My user name would be "SmellyNelly". I'd join all the groups about having body odor and hating the way that I smell and offending people... [more]
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    What I Have Learned In Two Months I came here two months ago looking for answers-- looking for a way to "fix" my life (same reason everyone else comes here). I have learned that there are only two options for folks in our situation: 1… [more]
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