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Currently in college majoring in Biology and my minor if French... loving every minute of it. Also my interest are philosophy and debating.. Anything you would like to know just message me.

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Favorite Quote Don\'t Cheat, Steal, or Lie..but if you must Cheat, Cheat death..if you must Steal, Steal time..and if you must Lie, Lie in the arms of the one you
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I Have a Confession

My boyfriend likes batman. I think that its gay because a grown man like a super hero that runs around in panties over his pants and runs arounds with a little boy. UGH!!! [more]
Teyiah has shared 12 Mature Experiences
  • I Got Raped By Someone I Loved

    Why Are They Here? We dated for 1 year but I wasn't ready. I was getting ready for school on day and then I missed the bus so just like any other day i asked if he can come and get me and take me to school. He agreed. W… [more]
  • I Suffer From Severe Depression

    I Feel Like The Ghost Of A Murdered Girl I wanted to be remembered as the girl who could always make you smile even thoughmy heart was broken.. The one who could brighten up your world.. Even if I couldn't brighten up my own. Love is like a … [more]
  • I Have Recurring Dreams and Nightmares

    The Man This dream has been haunting me for years. I dont know how long. I think I started having them since I was 11 i am now 16. Its never the same exact dream but it always has the sam purpose. … [more]
  • I Love Horses

    The Loves Of My Life I started riding when I was the the 8th grade. This is when I had moved to Tennessee from Kentucky. I had has experience with horses before but I had never ridden one. I was nervous as hell when I sta… [more]