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i am a mum of 3 children,Codie 6, Jade 4 and Robert 2. I have been with my partner for 10 years and i love him loads. W e all so have a dog called holston. Im very orgainised and live a pretty hectic lifestyle. I'm involved in lots of things that keep me occupied most of the time.

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I Love to Watch and Feed the Birds

Birds Are Great Ive always enjoyed watching birds. They are such marvolous creatures. I have my own bird table and feeders. these are topped up regularly especially over the colder periods. I love to watch them when... [more]
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  • I Like Herbal Tea

    Hooked On Herbal Tea I got hooked on herbal when i was pregnant with my first child. I could not drink normal tea or coffee as it would make me throw up.I started with just a few different fruit blends. now 6 years on and… [more]
  • I Bake Cakes For My Loved Ones

    Cupcakes i had just finished reading Jenny cologan,s welcome to the cupcake cafe, which inspired me to take up baking again. Ive made a few cupcakes for the children. Then I made some for my cousins birthday, … [more]