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About I am a Schizophrenic, i love wolves, You mess with my pack you mess with me, i will find you if you harm anyone i hold dear, i can and will make your life a living hell and my pack is not to be mess with, unless you want to face with me.... My wolf is Solid black with a left blue/silver eye and the right eye is Orange, like the color of fire. I am kinda small and my tail is longer than normal (Birth-defect?) i am most fit for the rank: Omega because of my skidish personality and shyness. But get to know me for who i am and i will be one of the best friends you ever had, i am loyal, protective, and i will take a bullet for you.
Last Seen Jul 2, 2013
Member Since Jun 17, 2011
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  • and 100% Native American (Sioux)
Horoscope Pisces
Special day 12-21
Books Shiver, wolves of the beyond, the sight, fell, a dogs life.
Music Rock, country.
Local Time July 31st, 3:21 AM
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