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ftm trans guy starting transition

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I Have A Question For My Lycan Friends

What would happen if I did a p-shift with my lip piercings in? I know if I take them out they'll heal up as soon as I shift like most minor wounds do, so I wanted to see what you guys think and if you... [more]
  • I 'm Transgender

    How Do I Tell My Parents? i need to tell my parents i'm trans, i woke up one day and felt like i was in the wrong body and i don't know how to explain it to them. i don't know what to say, how to say it and when. i need advice… [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Half Breed, I Think i'm not positive but i have been told that i am probably a half breed or something of a werewolf. i would love to be one so i hope i am, but i can't morph yet. i hate not being able to turn, i just wa… [more]
  • I Am Trying to 'figure Out' My Bisexuality

    Why Does It Matter?  i am 13 and have been bisexual for the past three years. no one knew for the first 2 years but this year rumor spread. yeah its true but that doesn't make me any less human than the rest of the wo… [more]
  • I Wish Someone Would Kill Me Now

    What Did I Do? did i do something wrong? why is the world against me? i would pay someone to shoot me in the head right now but i know my mother would be devastated. nothing is going my way. my grandma tried to touc… [more]