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A boy who has endured more in 19 year than many in a life. Emotions kill me every day. They will be my inevitable

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I Have Played With Matches

Vodka And Matches When i was 15, i was with my cousin and we were messing with matches during the day and he had some 70 proof vodka and decided to pour it over the entire length of my arm. I tell you now not the... [more]
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  • I Am a Cyclist

    My Bike Became My Wheelchair I have been a cyclist for 9 years of my life. I accomplished many a thing at my young age with winning races back to back. I was captain for teams and it was all going great. I got adventurous one tim… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    The end of what was my life
    I just poured my heart to the one i love and she rejected me. This is a month after she told me she loves me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me. What have the last three years of my life been. I fought fir her when her parents wouldnt let us be together. I helped her through her cancer and every sickness she has had. All she had to say to me was i dont think this will work. She promised me just there that she will always be there for me when i need her. Ironically she broke that as she said it. She told me to move on. I prob will eventually but right now i feel like saying how dare she even say that. I cant move on. I have been through so much with her and done so much for her… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    My attempt to describe my feelings at this moment in time
    Its nearly amonth since she left me. My mind is no better, in fact has gotten worse. Im actually shaking with sickness and hatred of myself right now of how disgustingly F**ked up my mind and body is. Im so weak , I ccant sleep right. Im basically an insomniac and completely depressed. I know what heath ledger felt like b4 he died. (and b4 ya jump to conclusions im not thinking of ending my life where would the point be in that). I cant even think straight right now. Usually they would say your head is spinning but mine has nothing to spin. Its just an empty lonely dark space like my heart. Pathetic.... a word i have used so much to describe myself these last few weeks has begun to mean not… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I have lost my way once again
    I am a person who fought for what he wanted. I put more work into it more than i ever have in my 19 years on this earth. I wanted the girl i loved. It was the last chance for it to work and i did everything i could. Last april she dumped me cause she thought there was someone else i wanted. She always jumped to conclusions and only ever looked at one side of things. She came to my house went up to my room where i was asleep at the time, woke me up and dumped me and walked out. I wasn't even awake properly to realize what had happened. i was ok for the firs 2 week until i had to give back the rest of her stuff. Then it hit me.      So over the next few months i worked on getting her back even… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Now or never The final chapter
    I have one last chance at the relationship i want to save. I am hoping she will change her mind and meet me for one evening. I already have so much planned for us and i want to prove to her that we are meant to be together. Im tracking down a lotus flower for her because i always called her my beautiful lotus flower as a lotus flower is the most precious plant in the world and i want her to see how beautiful and precious she is to me and why i truly call her my beautiful lotus flower. I will write her a letter describing her features and how they add to my feelings such as her firey red hair that burns in my heart but her cool blue eyes that keep my from an inferno. I am also … [more]