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I Think I'm A Bit Insane

I saw her. not in person. after we broke up in summer i lost the biggest thing that made up my life. yes it is easier today to get by. in the last month we have been having dinner or just... [more]
  • I Got Hurt Again Today

    You Broke My Heart, But I Forgive You i was hurt today more than i have been in my entire life. im not ready to talk about it but just had to get this out there.… [more]
  • I Lost the Love of My Life

    Alone And Frosaken I think i might of lost the girl that i love. We've been together for almost three years. when we started dating she was kind of young, i was seventeen and she was fourteen. we meet in marching band. … [more]
  • I Am Sad

    The Old Familiar Feeling. now it has been about two mouths since me and my ex had broke up. i think that the worst is past and i hope it is. i saw or now and again to talk things out. but we said that we cant see each other an… [more]
  • I Think I'm A Bit Insane

    just a Thought. the only reaon ive been think of this so much is i just lost my girlfriend of three years. for somereason i ve been haveing this thought. what if when someone leaves my sight they no longer exist. not… [more]