Female , 18-21

I consider myself to be caring and full of love.
Can be quite serious at times.
But I love to smile and make the days of others brighter.

A life-long bookworm, I enjoy a good book during my free time and can be found often with pen and paper at hand.
-I speak both Spanish and English fluently. Currently learning Hindi.

- Enjoy spending time outdoors and the company of animals.
- Singing,dancing and learning new things.

- Collect strange looking rocks I find when going to the river and buddha statues.

- Believe the Wiccan religion is very beautiful and consider myself a wiccan.
- Very spiritual person, a child at heart.

-Full of curiosity, joy, passion and optimism.

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  • 100% Puerto Rican
  • and a little Cuban
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I 'm Just a Soul Whose Intentions Are Good

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    I need freedom...
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    I Don't actually care...
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