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I hate people. Kbai.

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I Have a Confession

I'm a Jashinist I'm Gothic and I'm Alone. Of course.. People judge me because of my religion and run away..When am I gonna find someone that doesn't base on religion...? [more]
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  • I Am Jashinist

    Young But Faithful So in reality I'm young and a Jashinist. On the internet I'm an Adult and A Jashinist. Those saying he won't exist or he's a fake or he's from a cartoon (stupid naruto fans) they can all go die in a w… [more]
  • I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

    My Fault I'm secretly in love with one of my best guy friends. But one of my good female friends said she liked him. Now she's... how should you say it... not the sharpest crayon in the box? She can't stick up… [more]
  • I Am Jashinist

    C'mon Help Out Here. Okay. So with recent events, we actually need some more support. On Facebook, there is a secret group called 'Church Of Jashin' If you tell them I (Kandace.) sent you, they'll accept you i… [more]
  • I Drink Blood

    Ne, It Just Tastes Yummy I've been drinking my own blood for who knows how long. Until recently I've acquired some donors. One is my older brother and the other is just a friend I've had a crush on since last summer....They a… [more]
  • Jashinism

    Posted on: December 10th, 2010 at 2:52PM

    There are many types of religions- some known throughout the world and some that are just in a cerian area and some that are throughout the world but just aren't all that known. Like being a Jashinist. Now if anyone who's seen Naruto Shippuden and got to the part with Hidan you'll automatically be like "oh mai god!!! you're just soooooooo obssesed with that show that you take a religion from it" First off: Shut the hell up. Second: I was a Jashinist since birth because it was in my family and I barley just got to the part about Hidan. Like really you're going to assume I'm obsessed with this show? Tell you the truth I honestly don't care about Naruto I just need something to watch. So alot o… [more]


  • Oh snaps.

    Posted on: November 26th, 2012 at 10:58PM

    Okay, yeah, I forgot this site existed. Don't kill me. You can't. Oh well. I guess I've changed a lot since I was last on here.I used to be all nice and supportive. Yeah, not really anymore. Unless I know you, like for real, I'm more of a *****. Sad to say, I'm not supportive for the same reason.Reality hit me hard in the past couple of months, and it's made me a lot stronger than I've ever been. I'm not cutting anymore, so that's good. But, I'm still thinking about death. I've attempted it twice now, but obviously, failed both times. The first was just because I was a ******* mess full of drugs and stupidity. (Yes, I still do drugs.) The second was just on an angry impulse. So, now, when I … [more]