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Books Ever read the Ender series? No they are not about suicide
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Movies There truly are so many, but i have to say my favorite is Clue if you haven't seen it you dont know what you missing, mainly because you havent seen it
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I Have a Confession

As I lay my head to sleep, tears of fire the sun doth weap, keep her safe is all I ask, help her remove her unneeded mask, bask in the sun without a care in the world, as my body lay dying, contorted... [more]
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  • I Got Spanked As a Kid

    Heck Yeah I Did and if i ever have kids im ganna spank them too, it wont be my first reaction just like it wasnt my parents. But sometimes its the only thing that got thru my thick skull… [more]
  • I Have Been In A Room Full Of People And Still Felt Alone

    The More The Lonelier As the light hearted laughter echoes throughout the halls, as the dancing and jeering commence, i am alone. Its not that i am shunted from thus, i stand a shadow of myself, a voice in my own head wond… [more]
  • I Have Insomnia

    This Sucks I have fybromyalga also known as chronic pain, basically i am constantly hurting. Now i know what your thinking, this sounds like fun what is he complaining about, well as far as the fun and games dur… [more]
  • I Want To Lay My Head On Your Chest And Listen To Your Heart

    I Thank You, My Love, for it is the steady beat that brings chaos to order, only there as the rhythmic drum echoes through out my soul do i find peace. I thank you, my love, for the every resounding of your pure heart, the… [more]
  • More crap

    Posted on: September 12th, 2012 at 11:00PM

    it is a twisted soul riddled with dark desires that cause one to set light to his own pyres, fires that be, fires that burn each part gets a turn, five in all churn as they burn, five in one, fun deathly screams bellowed from a slit throat, blood dripping down a red coat, masked by the pain, loved by the pain, rain makes the first to go the smile, never was much of one threw that first onto the pile, file number two a laugh turned cold and blue, asphyxiated by the loss of love, the causes of air, the answer to an eternal prayer. Now is three the simplest of thee, the hope to be free, shackled by memory the weight of an oak tree. Then there was four a mind inside a head slammed in a door, poo… [more]


  • Another example of my lack of lyrical talent ;p

    Posted on: September 12th, 2012 at 11:05PM

    Your awesom my friend, show me the only path doesn't lead to my end, you saved me, showed me, that's its ok to hope, I'm not just another pathetic dope, I have light in my heart, still room in this kart, for another soul to love, another angel comin from above, so I shove aside my sadness depression and see, that there is lovable guy in me, and those who trashed me slashed me left me beadin dyin in an ally just can't see, the wonderful guy that is still in me, so I hope that they will come back again, somethin more than a friend, yes, but they would have to admit me bless, yes, cuz even tho I'm scarred my soul is far from charred I still got my mind and sooner or later someone will find that… [more]


  • Crap i wrote i dont want to find a heading for ;p

    Posted on: September 12th, 2012 at 10:53PM

     I'm sorry you got caught, as the receptacle of my thought, brought strait to you, thru you, I get this beat my lyrics bump to, true, I usually go overboard, dominatin the conversation like an overlord, choaking the life out of our conversational baby like an umbilical cord, wrapped around its neck, heck, I just got to much crap in my mind, horrible thoughts so the goodness I cannot find, in a bind I am, lost with a soulless mind I am, slam, this phone on the floor whenever I feel the conversational door shut, but what am I suppose to do? when you give the rhythm my life bumps too I need help to reach my lyrical core, someone to wake me up to stop my snore, floor is where I have been, akin t… [more]