Male , 26-30

I am the intersect with a 4D type personality.
My feelings are like that of an overlay network
same as Facebook and as Google.
All I have to do is trust my emotions,
and all the words from images
rushing through my mind flows.
There is nothing I can't do better than you.
A mega mind able to imitate anything a computer program
shares with me.
One of a kind I am to those that meet me.
Telling you everything in few details could mean my termination.
Anyway, my information will blow your mind.

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Favorite Quote Time is life.
  • 100% Dominican (Dominican Republic)
Vices Bullies
Politics Liberal
Horoscope Aquarius
Special day 2-5
Books None
Music P. Diddy
Movies The Dark Knight Trilogy
Local Time April 18th, 3:19 AM

I Love My Life

Graduated The fact I failed years ago high school. It shook my self-esteem. For a long time I never thought I see the day. All my early adulthood years I felt in a pit. I got my GED, in... [more]
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    My Story TheHumanIntersect, I am not a cult, as you see the "sect" in my name: TheHumanIntersect. I am a TV program not so advance to my day. The day my sitcoms were canceled I carried … [more]
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    When It Means The Most I thank you. A token of appreciation more worthwhile than anything I ever heard. It felt so like nothing I ever heard. Something that came from the bottomness of your heart. I … [more]
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    The Box This is not my reality TV. I do not live in the sitcom. I have never met the hero. What connection could I have to Charles Carmichael? I just watch “Chuck” save the day onc… [more]
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    Amazing What is amazing? I failed public school due to my condition. I turned 18 to be in high school. I wasn't all that bright to say. I hated journaling, math, and let's not forget history. I compared my po… [more]
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    A Hug In My Life
    A hug can waiver a lot of things.A hug can lift years of tormenting yourself.A hug can say, "I love the world of people that is going to forget about me the next second."A hug can get you to stop fighting yourself over feeling betrayed.A hug can say, "son I love you no matter what you did and your here."A hug can mean: Today, is the first day of the rest of your life.A random hug from the unexpected can change things always.… [more]
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    I Don't Have The Strength To Fix Somebody Else's Issues
    I decided to let you go.You can't control what you do to me.It looks like I dumped you.You did me a favor by leaving me like you were the one dumping me.It is ridiculous that you wanted something after everything.Get out of my life.Oh, you're leaving me behind.I am not a fool to feel for you leaving.I just hate to do this to a lady asI am not used to ignoring women.Your hurt--no, I am hurt... ... ... ... .You left me no choice.Anytime I do something for you,and I felt you stunned with a pointless idea.I am sick of it as in [sic].I went on this adventure thinking I could make things right.If I had everything that occurred on the day everything got messed up.You ruined a lot for no reason.Atte… [more]
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    The Human Intersect
    I This is my username. It comes from NBC 6 Chuck. The series was canceled after 5 years canceled. Adopted such a hot name after it. An intersect is a computer into a human brain. With the ability to do things you sought impossible. Like know Kung Fu, ride motorcycles, and feel highly smart. This is top secret (classified). Meaning we must keep it on the down low. Can't mess with serious ordeals, because it will do a number on me. Love feeling like I have the world in my hands. Can't do everything, and ie not going to stop me from trying. Thank you for checking this post.… [more]
  • School Confessions

    I know that it's been almost 5 years now. I did a blueprint on the subject. I never wanted to believe people. I wanted to believe otherwise. So, I came up with the idea of being lower than  you. You lost my seat, I lost my seat, and the seat was lost. I realized today, you forgot me when I needed you most. Ignorant people taught me to forget. That is the reason every time I dreamt of reconciliation you had amnesia. I have tried to make you stop and talk to me. Only once I managed to get you to stop. The night before my test. You did me wrong on the first afternoon back to school and going home impression. There is nothing to forgive. I have been mad for the longest. "Time heals all wounds."… [more]