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I Have a Confession

Sometimes, I am surrounded but wonderful people but feel utterly alone. I wonder, could I be a hermit?? I love these people but I feel like I am in an utterly different dimension from them! [more]
  • I Am Not Going to Let People Walk All Over Me

    Put In My Place. When I was younger, I got put in "my place" a lot. While I wouldn't take crap from people outside my home, to the point I was pretty aggressive, I was very much under the thumb at home. It came m… [more]
  • I Have Experienced Burnout

    Ugh.. I felt like that yesterday. Not for very long mind you, but I have felt that way.  Sometimes, **** just piles on you and you feel utterly helpless against the growing tide. I feel l… [more]
  • I Want Longer Hair

    Hair!!!! I have hair that is to my hip, but I have always wanted even longer. When I was alittle girl, I had hair to my ankles!!! I want hair like this again, but healthy of course! Maybe it is hair depen… [more]
  • I Am Shocked By the Irrational Hysteria Over Healthcare Reform

    Pretty Horrified. I am horrified at the actions of some of the protestors. We need a big overhaul to this system, the same old same old isn't working anymore. One thing though, is that when we demonstrate/lobby/ec… [more]