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I Am A Full Time Care Giver

It is one of the hardest jobs ever. I get paid nothing. Get no resprct. Never can please them. Feel like I am always wrong. I feel like running away. I still love them. I just don't know how to... [more]
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  • I Have Never Had a Boyfriend

    Will I Always Be Single I am 33 almost 34 and still have never had a boyfriend I really am starting to think their is no one for me or that i am just not good enough to have one. Maybe I juast am not worthy.… [more]
  • I Hate My Neighbor

    Drama Queens And Baby Mama Drama I swear my neighboorhood has been infested with trouble making drama queens and i hate it. Every day they fight and argue. Twice in the last week the cops where called They aleays try … [more]
  • I Am a Tomboy

    Have Always Been And Will Always Be A Tomboy I grew up and hung arround all the boys. My best friends where Denny, Chris, Jeff, Andy, and Joe. I watched g i joe and loved playing g i joe. Hot wheels where the coolest and playing ball with the… [more]
  • I Spanked A Family Members Child

    She Thought I Was Psming my aunt had a baby when me and her older daughter was about fifteen and her son was ninteen. The three of us raised her as much as her mom it seemed because my aunt had to work. As i s… [more]