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I Love Music

I Am Starting To Express Myself A Lot Better Now. i am starting to express myself a lot better now. At first when i was upset about something i would not tell people how i felt. i would just hold it in. i now realize that i can tell someone how i... [more]
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    Music Has Impacted My Life In So Many Ways Music has impacted my life in so many ways. when i ever i have a bad day or i am really upset about something i go in my room and i turn on my radio and i let the music play. it soothes my mind.depend… [more]
  • I Can't Go One Day Without Music

    I Live And Breathe Music. i love music also,i love it so much that it"s really all i think about. i live and breathe music. i feel like i"m even closer to my Dreams more than ever. i have been in love with music ever since i w… [more]
  • I Can't Talk to People About My Problems

    I Want To Pursue A Career In Music How Do I Get Started? I sing in the choir at my church. i want to become a singer and i want to know how i get my singing career off the ground. i had dreams of singing since i was a little girl.i can remember leading my f… [more]
  • I Can't Talk to People About My Problems

    I Am Missunderstood i feel like i am miss understood because no one understands me. i try to tell my family my problems and they Ignore me. i wish that people will listen to me so that they will understand me.But i reali… [more]