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Ah, EP - I check you so rarely now. Pan Greenwood on facebook if anyone wants to come around.

Who am I? Check out my Stories - You'll learn more of me there than I can ever tell you here. Nonetheless I can try.

College, D&D, Writing, Magic, Blade dancing, love. That's just about my life. It's a little more complicated inside but that's all you need to know.

I am eighteen years of age. In ways I am older, in many I am younger. I suspect that I never really grew up, I suspect that I am still growing.

I am deeply interested in religions of all kinds. Not so much the static old ones, but the dynamic new ones. Though I love to find what made the old ones work. When they were new what made them tick? I am deeply in love with the divine, in every shape and form. Our love affair is a fearful thing, an inexplicable thing. Ask me and I shall explain it to you.

I love to listen, especially if you have something to teach. I do not like having my time wasted. I love wasting the time of others. I am very arrogant and very good at hiding it, very shy, but never online, very pretentious and easy to poke, very flirtatious though I'll never go anywhere, very funny though I like to be solemn, very picky, and I love to be challenged. I love to learn.

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Favorite Quote No religion is a true religion that does not make men tingle to their finger tips with a sense of infinite hazard. ~William Ernest Hocking
Vices standing behind people - very quietly, very close.
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Books by Mercades Lacky, Brandon Sanderson, and Patrick Rothfuss
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I Wrote This In School

How I Got Religion My mother is a mystic, who tends towards Sufism, raised a Presbyterian. My father is an Agnostic, non-practicing, Wiccan coming from a strong Mormon background. So of course I was raised a Buddhist... [more]
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    Ego Amore Ego Largely I know because I am highly egoistic, narcissistic, and self centered. In a very humble helpful sort of way. I ride a high horse and enjoy pulling others up as well. … [more]
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    Homophobes Beware How old was I? Eleven? Twelve I think. He - two years older than I was likely fourteen. He was spending the night. He is like no one else I have ever known. Like a puppy dog at times, wit… [more]
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    Miraculum Born: Thursday Presiding Archangel: Metatron Assignation: Thought Daily Affirmation: "I can create from the power of my own thoughts."… [more]
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    Do you need help?
    *cough cough* I'm sitting on my porch, soaking in the sun, rare as it is here, I spend what time I can here. I'm eating leftover chicken and - who knows what they're called a sort of calzone pastry lentil creation of my mother's - my cough is almost over but I still have loud coughing fits. They sound worse than they are I'm sure. *cough cough* "are you drinking tea?" my mother calls up - I can't answer I'm coughing - I finally gasp out a yes, then continue to eat. *cough cough* *is your cough getting any better?" Every time I cough her attention is on me again. Shut up mother, I don't need this, I don't need this cough to be gone, I don't need to be crammed full of herbs and given … [more]
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    peruro perussi perustum paper
    "Each boy must carry a terrible secret within him in order to break away" I forget where I heard that. perhaps Demian - my namesake - perhaps Michael mead, or Joseph Campbell, in any case it stayed in me. My own terrible secret. I've told my terrible secret to a surprising number of people, in fact just about everybody I am close to save three. Her, my mother, and step father. But still it ways on me, a secret is never easily kept. I love her. Although at times I truly doubt. I love her. Although at times I truly wish to doubt. I love her. Although at times I think love to small a word. I love her. Although at times I despise her for the bossy ***** she is. I love her. Although at … [more]
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    I'm helpless on ep
    I love butterflies I am dedicated to Leondea goddess of initiations, who's symbol is the butterfly. so whenever I see this little message that says "This member does not have friends just yet. Consider adding them to your circle and giving them a start, you social butterfly, you." I simply cannot resist. so when you see the vast amount of friends on my profile - who have but one friend, a friend who doesn't really know them, me - now you know the sad reason why. ^^… [more]
  • The importance of ritual to human life

    Posted on: July 4th, 2009 at 3:39AM

    The importance of ritual to human life April/May 2009 "Pan – would you set the table please?" "Sure!" The sound of batter mixing can be heard from every corner of the apartment, a tantalizing touch of what is to come. I set plates, forks, and teacups on the table, arranging place mats just so, and napkins opening towards the user-symbolic of human interaction, smooth side out. Teapots are filled with aromatic herbs (chamomile's my favorite), the mother coveting a pot and milk pitcher to her self. That's fine, she shares so much else. Christopher gets a special cup, unchipped by time, an ageless simpleton of … [more]