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I Think People Don't Like Me

I Know I know some people on Ep do not like me based off of who I am or what I say. They call me names block me some of them even delete their accounts. I just wanted to take the time out to say that I'm... [more]
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  • I Want to Commit Suicide

    Everyday Everyday I think about committing suicide I was raised with the idea if you're a good person loyal honest and nice set of ventually you will find someone who loves you but these are false pretenses. T… [more]
  • I Want a Girlfriend

    I Want A Girlfriend That's All I want a girlfriend that's all I ever wanted. I was made to be the perfect boyfriend/husband. I am the product of a single mother she showed me affection hugs and kisses which is how I show affection.… [more]
  • I Have Strong Beliefs and I'm Not Afraid to Stand Up For Them

    My Personal Beliefs I believe that you should not have sex with somebody unless you love them. Now while that might not be the popular decision it's my personal beliefs and I stick to my beliefs. I'm a virgin and proud o… [more]
  • I Give Up On Love

    I Give Up It's over I'm done trying to be the perfect guy none of you women ever wanted anything to do with me. the only person who ever really loved me is my mom and when she goes I might take my own life. all… [more]