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Simple and straight forward. Hobbies are : Rugby, F1 Racing, Wildlife, Swimming,

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Atm In The Lobby I was working out at the gym when I spotted a sweet young thing walking in... I asked the trainer standing next to me, "What machine should I use to impress that lady over... [more]
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  • I Think Sean Connery Is The Best James Bond

    Career Career 1950s Looking to pick up some extra money, Connery helped out backstage at the King's Theatre in late 1951.[25] He became interested in the proceedings, and a career was laun… [more]
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    How Does A Rich Girl Sneeze? How do you tickle a rich girl? Gucci Gucci Gucci... And how does a rich girl sneeze? Jimmy Choo...… [more]
  • I Sincerity

    Sincerity Sincerity has not been consistently regarded as a virtue in Western culture.[citation needed] First discussed by Aristotle in his Nicomachean Ethics, it resurfaced to become an ideal (virtue) in Europ… [more]
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    Suspecting Wife's Fidelity Suspecting wife's fidelity A salesman was testifying in his divorce proceedings against his wife. "Please describe," said his attorney, "the incident that first caused you to… [more]