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It's a matter of time to know that I was the best person for you, when you get to know that you'll cry blood and you'll turn crazy.

I don't trust before I Skype so don't bother me sending Inboxes Bye.

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I Am Lonely

Birthday With White Dress Today is my beloved girl birthday, she is beautiful and I love her from my heart, but the occasion is so heavy with love and bitterness. Jealous my friends were so they decided to celebrate the... [more]
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  • I Have a Big Nose

    China Is The Answer!!!!!!! actually yes I have a very very very big nose in the way when I put my jacket hat the only think you can see when you stand besides me is the freaking nose. one day my family took a unanimous decision… [more]
  • I Have a Big Nose

    Don't Read This Article Live for nothing or die for something … [more]
  • I Have a Big Nose

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  • I Am Lonely

    Hey Why Don't You Come To The Party! Every one is busy for tonight party, girls in dress ,guys in mess, all things same arranged in a certain way. The place was in a hustle and bustle with disfigured face of beauty, but the corners hijac… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Behind The Walls Of Silence
    India? can you hear me? India? can you feel me? India do you know me? between the tryst of destiny I loved you between what smell kept in my memory I love you. India? will you remember me? If I were for me I would love you, If I were for you, you would love me, India I'm baby at your streets India I'm soldier in your fleet India what story could Taj Mahal has for me? the beauty is your blanket and the glory is your mattress. India? how long should I wait? the dream of being in India has been bigger day by day the family wants me to marry and settle here but I think the problem is me I want to travel and I want to stay in India for the last day in my life, but what if that doesn't happen? w… [more]
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    A hundred promise
    where could I begin or how could I grin our stories finished before they begin  … [more]