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I Am A Real Werewolf

So found the werewolf that's taken over my old hunting grounds and it happens to be a female she isn't all to friendly but is there anyway for me to show her I'm not there to fight that doesn't make... [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Elders Am I the only elder(so to speak) left here ? Where have sheangle and hybridfighter or even europealpha gone ? … [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Black I've noticed something lately that quite a few of of the wolves claim to be black furred. Now I'm not saying this is all bullshit but I highly doubt that all who claim to have black fur actually do! I… [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Welsh Wolf Welsh wolf Hi to anyone who is reading this, i just wanted to know if there were any wolves out there from Wales because it seems like I'm the only wolf around where I'm from. I'm a omega I have… [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Stupidness Are people on here really getting that stupid that they believe we will buy the bullshit their selling ? Really come on people think about what your writing before you post it please … [more]