Im usually a very happy teen and i love to go out and play in the forest with my mate and friends. :) I am very protective over my family, mate and friends and also my pack. :3 .:Eclipse Pack Rules:.
.:Alpha Wolf:.
If you wanna talk about anything wolf related, feel free to drop a PM :D
~Off to run in the forest ;P ~

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I Am A Real Werewolf

Vision Well, last night (22nd) I had a random dream of the moon. All i could see was the moon and it was a half moon and it was quite big. It was like a vision because i saw nothing BUT the moon for some... [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Any Help For A Werewolf Starting Out? D: Well, i just got told my Dad was a part of a real werewolf pack, originating from the capital of Turkey. So yea yadah yadah I got told I am a werewolf and there is my story cut short. Anyway, does any… [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Moon Phases And Birthdays Hey, im a werewolf, and i was wondering if these moon phases on my birthday mean anything? Like does it relate to werewolves in any way? When i was born, it was a full moon. An exac… [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Werewolves In The Uk? Is there actually any werewolves that live in the UK? I think the majority of the wolves on here are from the USA? Correct me if im wrong. :) So how many wolves on here are from the UK? :P… [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    So, When? Hey, I was wondering, at what age do werewolves tend to start shape shifting? I just turned 15 on the 16th and I was just wondering so I can be ready. Thanks.… [more]