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I Starve Myself

I'm just getting into this diet thing feeling for food is almost non existent [more]
  • I Starve Myself

    2nd Day Of My Water Only Diet Woke up with my stomach doing somersaults, a cup of tea did the trick, on my way to college with my water (2 litres) in my bag, I'm dreading lunch time with my mates, what do I say to get out of eatin… [more]
  • I Starve Myself

    Excited!!! 7 days into my water fast and I'm full of energy, losing weight and all my cravings seem to have gone for a walk!! it's so GREAT to be in control for once. 😃… [more]
  • I Starve Myself

    5th Day And My Weigh In Well, it's the 5th day of my water fast (diet) I've lost 5lbs WOW, and that's with no workouts! I'll be adding my workouts over the next couple of days. I'm happy with the results. By the way it's soo… [more]
  • I Starve Myself

    Accomplished Well, it's been a while!! Many said I couldn't do it if I was a show off I would be chanting "In your face" lol I've lost 22lbs to date I wanted to lose 30-35 lbs I'm not far from that goal! Many told… [more]