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Me Myself and Us, being more than one person at the same time isn't easy, but we're getting through it, and we're happy to help anyone with advice

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I Need To Tell My Unbelievable Story

Hmm not much to say really, it's simply that something is wrong here. i won't say something hasn't been wrong all along because it has. but the thing wrong now, the thing i don't know... [more]
  • I Was Tortured

    Red Ribbon Destiny says that this is a good place to write a story about me. My name is Faithe Liane (lee-anne) and I'm one of Christen/Big Sister's alters. We call eachother Siblings. … [more]
  • I Was Tortured

    Does It Count? It's not that they tortured me, my parents. But it feels just as bad. My parents don't usually pay attention to me, I don't know why, maybe because I'm the middle child, and becaus… [more]
  • I Have Dissociative Identity Disorder

    Freaky Dreams...or Memories? i'm nt asking for sympathy, or anything really, i just simply wanted to give you a reason why my dream terrifid me so thuroughly. a long time ago, i did something bad and had to be whippe… [more]
  • I Have Dissociative Identity Disorder

    Mirrors Nine so far. I had it told straight to my face, there were nine. I honestly never thought I'd ever have so many, I never even though I'd be even like this. I was told last night about almost all of th… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    the ONLY thing...
    i only want somebody who's qualified...i just want to know what's wrong.i know something is wrong. i know somehow we're broken.i want to know why and how and what happened, because nothing makes sense, none of this makes sense at all...i hate that nobody cares enough to take the initiative to help us, not our parents, not anyone.they sit there and tell us we're idiots, claim we're only asking for attention.I DON'T WANT ATTENTION, I WANT HELPnot you to tell me i'm asking for attention.not you to i made it all up.not you to claim this is all some confabulation i created in some twisted dream.i want somebody who can tell me what's wrong, i want evidence, not definitions.i want to know what's wr… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Since Day 1
    I'm honestly a very paranoid person, I always fear that something bad will happen to me (again). And it doesn't help when you've lived with a monster who's forced you to run from everything. And if you don't, he abuses every fashion. So I sort of crew up a coward.The thing I've most been afraid of was the concept of "Love" the reason consists of recalling an unhappy childhood. But This monster eventually left my childhood, and returned as a particular alter by the name of Fear. (at that point in time i didn't think it was an alter or even remotely related to DID, i actually was nearly deadset on losing my entire sanity) He tormented me, like a voice going off in your head, telling yo… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I'm probably not anyone important
    Hello, It's wonderful to meet you, I really don't have a name, not yet, but that's fine with me.I've been thinking, I don't understand why the other alters are not aware of themselves. They know they are real, and they know of their memories, but the don't understand the weight of their existance.Just a few moments ago, I spoke to a girl, about my sister, Destiny. The two remind me of eachother. They are both blind, fumbling, looking for something they don't have. Destiny doesn't see that she is helpless and alone, she claims she is strong but she is alone and afraid. Nomatter how she views herself, the truth is that she is only lying to herself, as much as anyone else.The other girl, is sim… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Sparkle for me....Angel
    All I want to do is sparlke again...just once more.My wings have turned black with soot and have been stained with blood and tears.My tears...and pain.My tears that shine in the pale moonlight.I've become hollow with dispair...tragedies...I only want to sparkle again...To gleam.My eyes must shine, for one more time.Before they glaze, deadened with sadness.I want to climb opon my throne once more...I hit the ground so hard.I hit it and now nothing is as it should be.I want to forget his hands around my waist.Forget his lips on my skin.Forget that man---no---monster.If even...I want to forget the pain I'm forced to remember.Forget the tears in my jeans from his lustful hands.Forget the scars o… [more]