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I will not add you if I have not interacted with you, Im not here to play miss popularity. NO I DO NOT WANT TO FUCK, SUCK, join your wife, and nudity is your choice not mine. I respect other people's beliefs so do not try and force yours on me.

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I Am An Injured Worker

Sometimes I Just Want To Scream.... I'm in so much pain, typing with one hand. The Celebrex aint doing it for me... the Dyclofenac isnt doing ****. The pain has gone up to my elbow and it relays back and forth. I feel as if someone has... [more]
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  • I Go Soft In The Knees Thinking Of You

    Yugo Gv The Yugo. The junker that spawned a thousand punch lines (and even more Toyota converts) was built in Soviet-bloc Yugoslavia, to equally dubious quality standards. based on the Fiat 127, the no-go … [more]
  • I Am The Other Ep Woman

    Its Me! I am the other ep woman.. yes its true. I fell for someone who is in a sexless marriage.. and I fell hard. I am not depending on this man.. I have a life and career with goals I will reach. He … [more]
  • I Will Answer Any Question You Dare Ask

    Make me blush and laugh :D OK, I'm game.  Ask me what you want. FOE I am enigmatic... I am a shadow in the dark I can brighten your day I can smile.. and … [more]
  • I Am The Other Ep Woman

    Do Not Spy On Me.. Dont like that your spying on me.. DONT like that you keeping an eye on my board... NOT everyperson that is posting on my wall is from your man.. You didnt give a **** to be in a re… [more]
  • I hate this..

    Posted on: July 2nd, 2011 at 2:20AM

    I hate I dont have that person holding my hand today..I hate that I cannot reach over to feel him beside me in bed...they say.. reach for the stars.. I am.I am reaching for the shiniest star in the sky..wishing apon a star tonite..I want to be there.. and he is the one..not much simpler then that.… [more]


  • Smack my head against this wonderwall

    Posted on: May 29th, 2011 at 2:54AM

    I feel Like I'm a bloody child... "we need to talk"Why the heck do I need to be careful of what I say.. "partner"Are you friggen kidding me?I cant feel something for you?You know what.. Im getting tired of this friggen rollercoaster..Every weekend I have to keep my mouth shut and be careful what I say..You may say I'm misenterprating but honestly why make a deal about it if it wasnt?Why do I need to feel like this?Honestly if your going to tell me off.. just do it now. Get it over with..I dont want to spend my time "talking about it"Either you want me and need me..Or throw me out..Just do it now while my heart is waiting for it..Dont do it down the road when my dreams are cemented in place..… [more]


  • Pineapple house

    Posted on: July 28th, 2011 at 2:30PM

    I am a self declared tom boy;atleast untill the age of 19. Then I kinda went through the boring phase, entering the mommy phase.. Dont kid myself I wear tight jeans but my tops are always flowing and covering my Ahem... assets.I am a contradiction;I dont enjoy being too long in malls, I feel clausterphobic and that many people in one space spending money reminds me of some feeding frenzy of pirahnas.  But I enjoyed being in massive groups of people jumping round like a crazy person.I am social;Wherever I go I will always find someone to talk too.  I have been known to be on the top of a mountain and STILL find someone I recognize... Dont forget people.. my memory is sometimes a blessing and … [more]


  • My place

    Posted on: July 22nd, 2011 at 3:38AM

    I confess that I dont like people staying over.. I have been living on my own for over 4 years.. and I cannot stand when people stay over.. even my own mother. I love being able to walk around half naked.. I enjoy my bed comfortably.  But I also have to confess.. I love a person.. and he is going to join me in my house.. guess I dont mind walking around him half naked hahahhaha.. … [more]