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I Know Ear Cropping And Tail Doccing Is Cruel To Dogs

Just More Abuse most who crop ears and doc tails of dogs do this for cosmetic purposes. To "Fit the look to the breed" such as a rotty, they have the look of docced tails for centuries. on the more negative side ppl... [more]
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  • I Am Selfish

    Wallowing In Its Appitomy i need to be saved before beginning to save anyone else anyone else feel this way?? ive seen wat happens when nice guys are nice guys,,, they f… [more]
  • I Am a Tomboy

    dont care for girly girl bs. im glad im not full female mind,,, but im also glad im not anywhere near a male pyhsic,,, too smelly :-P my mentallity, when im around females is ,, shutup shut up shut up,,, so damn yappy........ i d… [more]
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