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At my Uncles farm in Siloams Springs for Easter, having a BLAST with my 2 cousins!

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I 'm A Girl Who Likes Girls

Well the year later was the last field trip of 6th grade, we ended up going to a water park resort called Blue Harbor. It was an overnight trip to celebrate graduating from elementary to middle school... [more]
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  • I 'm A Girl Who Likes Girls

    It was in 5th grade when I figured out liked girls as much as boys, her name was Riley, she was cute, with light red hair and freckles. We would sleep over at each other houses on the weekend. At her … [more]
  • I Love the Phantom of the Opera

    Seen the stage play twice. I love when the chandelier sparks to life with a big boom and rises to the ceiling! Also the mirror transition and the candelabras rising up and down in the boat scene. I lo… [more]