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I Am a United States Air Force Girlfriend

Hmmm from airforce girlfriend to sucks alot [more]
  • I Am a United States Air Force Girlfriend

    New Military Gf my boyfriend left a week ago for basic at san antonio,tx for air force. i been with him for almost 5 yrs and it it feels like im lost. my friends don understand some don care so thats why i keep to my… [more]
  • I Am a Military Girlfriend

    Air Force Gf im a new military girlfriend. my guy is in the air force in texas for hopefully i can make more new friends from all branches including marines, army and navy. 3 weeks left or 21 days if you… [more]
  • I Bought The Book," Separated By Duty,united In Love"

    Separated By Duty, United In Love- A Guide To Long Distance Relationships For Military Couples. By Shellie Vandevoorde short introduction:                      Your commitment to stand by your service member and keep the home fires burning is not always easy to keep. this commitment sets… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    why the effort
    i don't understand why ppl skip over certain individuals. it s like their doing us a favor by answering others and leaving yu out of the subject when yu clearly show interest. being skipped is like being invisible and alone while feeling left out or even  lonely cuz  yu feel as if yu don't matter to them or anyone.  the part of friends is simple and easily defined so  be careful who yu label for being friends.  while that being said, friends are there for yu in the time of need, hurt, lost,confused, frustrated or even just to be there to calm yu down when yur at a breakdown. understanding that concept, i get fed up with putting in effort only to fall backward of not being good enough. if i w… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    what i think in my brain--the intro
    i dont understand what to do or even how i lose friends. im the good girl with a nice intention yet im the first to get screwed over. i dont get it either and i dont know if it can be fixed but what i know is it sucks. badly sucks. my luck gets worse the longer i stay in this city.just the atmosphere is tainted with judgement and lack of compassion for one another. i confess i try to hard and maybe i should back off and just focus on school and my family. i hope to pass the asvab so i can begin a new chapter in my career and life. i wish i had someone that cared or even tried to understand me. not just assume the obvious characteristics in person but truly made an effort. oh well,we can all … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    i do like yu but yu  lack communication. i dont know what to do or what to say. so i just stray away because i don't think yu care to be interested. if yu were i wouldn't be feeling this way. the girl shouldn't chase the guy, its worth the chase if its just one person moving while the other wants to be caught...… [more]