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my girls name is lauren
I beleive all boys should have to wear a dress and tights or pantie hoes for 1 year of there lives
180- 190 cms tall, for those in imperial thats 6'2 6'3 area. I am tall and skinny and I love wearing dresses- especially button back dresses- word on the street is that a person cann't unbutton themsleves from the dress and so they have to stay in it and will do as they are told because of it

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Favorite Quote Rome wasn\'t built in a day but it was built by men in dresses
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Vices I love boys and men in dresses or any tight clothing- clours often help 2, i love a steak on the BBQ for dinner, all boys should be petticoated for 1 year at some point in there lives such as when 15
Politics Anarchist
Special day 10-11
Books boys should swim in girls 1 piece swim suits
Music boys should wear dresses
Movies boys should do ballet in tights and unitards
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I 'm Reviving Petticoat Discipline For Boys

 I believe in the petticoating of boys as a bare minimum until they discover that wearing what would traditionally be classed as women's clothing won't kill them or won't make the sky fall in... [more]
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    My First Experience As A Male Wearing Bikini's In Public when I arrived on holdiays last week,I was the first of my brothers to get to the beach- they were coming latter. this meant I was able to choose the room I wanted- the room close to the tv, kitchen a… [more]
  • I Think Button Back Dresses Are For Boys

    My Button Back Dress on the weekend I managed after going to a few shops of the one chain store to find the blue button back dress that I have been wanting for a while. It has long sleves [although not long enough for my … [more]
  • I Like to See Boys Dressed Up As Girls

    A Cross Dressing Experience - First Bill had been up in Brisbane seeing some cousins and was now getting on the train to return home to Sydney. The train left Roma Street train station, Brisbane at 10.04 am, so bill arrived early with h… [more]
  • I Changing A Boys Wardobe

    My Plans For Any And All Sons When I Am Only 21 When and if I manage to find a girl who will want to marry me and have children I would want to do the following: 1. from birth they would have to wear a dress[preferably button back dress… [more]
  • dresses to our 2012 celebration of the end of college rugby season drinking session- summery

    Posted on: September 10th, 2012 at 1:37PM

    Hi allso we did the drinking seasion- I was too hungover from a sunday night on the grog to take a camera or phone with me and too many first year frats had a presentation for uni todo that day and I thought a lot wouldn't go at all. I turned up a bit late at the 1st pub- i was couldn't find the dress I wanted to wear- got to the pub and no one was wearing it so no one stole it from my room- I dunno what happened- with the session over it will turn up now- ahh well stuff happens I guess.but on arrival at the first pub there was a news paper reporter guy with a camera present- it took me a few minutes to realise that he was a newspaper reporter.we did 7 pubs with the following drinks4 full st… [more]