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About my girls name is lauren I beleive all boys should have to wear a dress and tights or pantie hoes for 1 year of there lives 180- 190 cms tall, for those in imperial thats 6'2 6'3 area. I am tall and skinny and I love wearing dresses- especially button back dresses- word on the street is that a person cann't unbutton themsleves from the dress and so they have to stay in it and will do as they are told because of it
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Favorite Quote “Rome wasn\'t built in a day but it was built by men in dresses”
  • 100% Australian
Vices I love boys and men in dresses or any tight clothing- clours often help 2, i love a steak on the BBQ for dinner, all boys should be petticoated for 1 year at some point in there lives such as when 15
Politics Anarchist
Special day 10-11
Books boys should swim in girls 1 piece swim suits
Music boys should wear dresses
Movies boys should do ballet in tights and unitards
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